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Public Events With Step and Repeat Banner Display

Maximize Public Events With Step and Repeat Banner Printing

Step and repeat banner printing is just what you need to get the most out of your brand during public events and parties. Step and repeat banners are those branded backdrops with repeating logos you see during red carpet occasions and galas. Photos of people taken in front of them have a glamorous feel. More importantly, for your business, they make it simple to have your brand promoted with every photo taken. This makes step and repeat banners an incredibly useful tool in the age of social media.

You can order step and repeat banners in two different types of white vinyl or poly film. White vinyl offers durability and is suitable for outdoor use, even in damp conditions. Poly film is light and is a good choice for banners that need to be moved around and stored frequently. Step and repeat banners can be ordered with or without a stand.

Our most popular step and repeat banner size is 8’ x 8’, which is just right for event photo booths. We also have larger sizes available to print, including 8’ x 10’ so larger groups can be photographed at once.

These banners are popular with advertisers, event promoters, and restaurants and other business owners who want to put on a spectacular grand opening or other glamorous event. They’re also a great addition to convention booths and are popular with brick-and-mortar stores for special displays as well. They can also be used in any public area intended to be photographed and shared heavily on social media.